THERE MAY BE MANY OF YOU THAT SUPPORT AIM. This is your choice, each has to do and believe what he deems to be right, but I say again “How can one support truth and dignity, yet lay with the oppressor”……….I do not hide my support, for justice for Annie Mae Pictou Aquash, because I believe this is the correct thing to do, I don’t know how many supporters there are for Leonard Peltier all over the world, or how they came to be supporters, many know doubt, by studying AIM, watching films, and reading about it, and many more by joining in the band wagon of mass hysteria, for something they know nothing about., but join the flotilla to be recognised “oh you’re a AIM follower activist” its “credentials” make it “boni fide”, like having a Native American Spirit guide,  people see it then as “authentic”


Have you seen some one die? , no I don’t mean on film or a family member in a chapel of rest, or in hospital, I mean killed and die.

Have you seen your best friend or innocent people lying in pieces in the streets, blown up by a bomb, and then been sent out to pick up the pieces and place them in black mortuary bags,……………… have you seen what a 7.62mm round does to the human body, when it impacts the flesh, it goes in like an acorn, and come out like an orange, imagine that to a small Childs head……….Why do I mention this, because it’s not jumping on the band wagon, or the flotilla, it doesn’t have to be authenticated, because its real it happens just that way, I’ve seen it


I want to confess to you that I had something to do with killing a woman, yes me, and 10 other guys we did it we were told to. Do you still want to write to me, do you still want to be my friend, do I still want you to swear your allegiance to the brother hood who do not tell others,….. this doesn’t need authentication either, because this is also true.


So here we are a young native woman is in a male dominated group, who came to save the people by pledging to help, and sort out the wrong doings by the government, and DICK WILSON and his Goon Squads, who was filmed, and it is on the film Incident at Oglala saying , “we’ll sort it out our way, you know what I mean kola,” it was also depicted in the film Thunder Heart.


Suddenly, she is kidnapped torchered and raped, shot in the head, and her body left to rot on the frozen prairie, by the very people who she came to help out, the Lakota, the very same people who, became famous, the very same people who still claim to be actively doing good-by AIM. The same people who on every video I have seen and analysed myself, have said;

“we trusted Annie Mae, no she was not an informer“, with frozen faces and dread in their eyes, as they spoke those words, (oh by the way these videos have been analysed many times by specialists in voice and body language,)……. so if AIM trusted Annie Mae, and thought she did so much good work why is she dead, why was she killed, May be she knew what was going on or about to happen, and as one person put it “she’s baggage get rid of her.”

Now it would be wrong of me to start making a list of the people I think are involved, but those of AIM old, who are still living now, ……..may be they are all waiting for each other to die, so no one will ever “spill the beans,” and the truth will die with them.


So here I am a murderer, or a conspirator to murder , or an accomplice to murder before and or after the fact, you still going to shake hands with me and write to me, if I killed your mom, sister, grandma, niece, aunty,…….SO WHY ARE YOU DOING IT IN REAL LIFE!


And now for the best piece, when the shit hit’s the fan, as it surly will, those in that long list that I can’t put up, will be dragged towards the blades, they can tell the truth, or get chopped up, it’s up to them, or die with the knowledge, that they were not the people that they said they where in life.

I know one thing, warriors don’t kill their own people, and hide behind an oath, it was a cowards act, that caused Annie Mae’s death, and no doubt all those  other deaths as well, hopefully all these will be justified one day, but no one is going to convince me otherwise,

“how can  one support truth and dignity, yet lay with the oppressor”

Those who know me, know I speak the truth and from the heart but also very directly, and im not ashamed of that……15 years ago I swore on my life, I would always defend justice, and justice for Annie Mae and the Lakota Oyate, I still stand by it……….. and Tunkashila knows!

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Just a old warrior, traveling on the road of life, looking for answers, helping those that need it KIYELOKAYO
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