I have sat quiet this month, as the media has transported us in to the terrible turmoil of the goings on in Egypt,Tunisia, and most recently in Libya, never the less with a sad heart.The only difference between our western governments and  what is occurring  out there in the middle east is that we call it democracy.But it is plain to see that the common people are tired and sick about their way of life, and the way they are treated by their leaders, and have decided to take a stand, at all costs, to try to change things,………. should there challenge towards the government fail, they will undoubtedly feel the wrath of their ruler, and who knows what might befall them.

I remember many years ago I inherited a computer game called Armageddon, here you could select which country you wanted to be, which country’s you wanted as your friends and allies. You then traded, with these countries, and others and secured points for wealth, then to introduce, extra events, you had disasters and events that tested the governments, financial problems ,debts to pay and so on…… Yes reading on it sounds just like the real world, then you could introduce trouble into the scenario to see how your country conducted its self, with your allies and others, and even the UN had a part in this as world mediators, just as in the present day.

And so you could continue, wheeling and dealing plotting, and saving the game till the next day, where you could carry on.The ultimate score was to see how many friendly countries you could attain on your side, and then blow the rest of the world up, before your opponents tried to do the very same to you.

This month’s events

 So going back now to this month’s  events in Egypt, and Libya, these country are at the point now with total civil unrest, and its own government making a mockery of the whole situation, with its current stance. Even now, do not think that the government will not order the armed forces to quell the situation, the people are being lulled into a false sense of oh hope and victory, as has been shown when pro -government protesters hit the streets with their violence, using sacred animals to charge the public,…… I don’t fear a military take over as an interim measure ,it is probably the best thing that could happen, to restore some sort of normality until a new government is formed, and under no circumstances should any one from the current government have a place in the new leadership of these new governments

Events in other middle east countries have also taken place, one might question why, after all that is going on in the middle east, may be the Egyptian people have given courage for others to do the same as they did.

But I recall the events in Iran, and the out bursts at the government there, which has faded out, just like in France some months ago Greece, and even our student riots here in England, they are not even a distant memory any more.

The US government and the British government

 Now remember my little war game called Armageddon, where we select countries to be our allies, well the United Kingdom and America is playing the same game, yes its true, you’ll be a friend of ours we wont interfere with your politics, human rights laws the way you live, so long as we can trade, or exchange arms, use you land for common strategic purposes, and so it goes on.

So your President and our Prime Minister, stand in front of the world press, and state the obvious, “THIS HAS TO STOP, PEACE AND  HAS TO PREVAIL, WE DO NOT CONDONE THE VIOLENCE BUT IT HAS TO STOP”, and so the rhetoric goes on from the UN, and many other statesmen, and politicians, and groups all over the world.

If they really want democracy to develop throughout the world then tell those common people and show solidarity, from the very begining…….oh but what about the repercussions!

“We support the people uprising” and wish to see Mubarak leave , “Gaddafi has to go” things would drastically change matters, but no we don’t mind using the country while it’s in power even with a despot, but we can’t help real people fighting for democracy, and the only true freedom they have ever felt.

You see before Saddam was removed from power, he ruled with an iron fist just like most dictators, but western technology helped Saddam build his empire, yes most countries in the west helped with all sorts of things.

During the Afghan Russian war the west decided to support the rebels against the Afghan government, and the Russians, no one has ever conquered the Afghanistan’s, yet America and Britain get themselves locked in a war that even Russia gave up on, on the premise that sorting out the Taliban there is going to make the world a safer place.I think many would rather see their beloved troops patrolling their capital cities and airport than dying for a government, that has other motives on the agenda than democracy.

Bringing democracy to a country like Afghanistan is like trying to tell the Khmer Rouge to give up, it will never happen!, the Taliban problem lies in Pakistan and Yemen….but there are no resources there, like oil, gold and other minerals.

America already has proved 2 times that they will go to war with their own people, yes the war of Independence, and the great Civil War, Great Britain also had the problem during the time of Cromwell with Charles the 1st

So now I’m getting to it the bit you want to hear if your following me clearly

Lets look at a couple of strategic countries

South Korea





Middle east Iraq




Pakistan (future)

Now these are some of the countries I selected in my war game, called Armageddon, remember countries that would benefit our country in trade and resources, now these countries both apply to the United States as well as England, and maybe others in the world……. But not only for strategic reasons, but for wealth reasons as well.

 Lets look at none strategic countries



North Korea

Now these are the countries I chose not to have as friends or allies for one reason or another, but ill trade with them once certain rules have been established for the wealth they have, cause we want it too!

So the chess board is set, all the pieces are there ready to move, and you can start the game. So if your confused as to what is happening, I say watch out America your ever-growing disheartened people and the people of Great Britain.

 Our governments have over the last 3 decades, done to us, exactly what Saddam, Mubarak, Stalin, and all the other despots have done, they have used the people’s money to fight unwanted wars, stupid government spending in league with speculators, and banks and businesses have bled our countries dry, now we the people suffer and have to restore the Nations back to power,by drastic cuts in our wages pensions and life, the things that over 52 million people gave there lives for in the second world war, and now you tell us “to buckle up and that we are in it all together,”

just like in animal farm by George Orwell







Just a old warrior, traveling on the road of life, looking for answers, helping those that need it KIYELOKAYO
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