Of course, I learned from the two and four-legged and the butterflies, and the frogs and bees, I fed caterpillars and talked to robins, and I too have done talks and lectures wide and far in England, but I never smoked the pipe (canaupa) in public like she has done, and I never held my crystals to the heavens and watched as the crowd bowed down to me like I was a high priestess, in front of a Aztec temple, and I don’t see any native tribe condoning her for this.

And I would ask her finally once and for all, to tell people, who these elders are that have ordained her as their public shaman, which Lakota elders and which Salish Indians and Senneca Indians, and flat heads made her a prophet to humanity

Well just like 2 AIM self famed self-professed prophets, who we talk about on a regular basis, she has manipulated the mass with her hysteria and the masses followed,

So I tell her to keep to her magic crystals and hippy movement, seeing as you were not around in the 60’s to feel the real spirit of it all, and to leave the real spiritual native healing to those that where honoured with it from the White Buffalo Cow Woman.

You are neither an Elder, Pipe Carrier, or Clans Chief, just a “millennium hippy Chic, seeking attention” getting it at the cost of the Native community and indigenous ethnic groups of the world…… Tunkashila knows!



Just a old warrior, traveling on the road of life, looking for answers, helping those that need it KIYELOKAYO
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